Case study: Land Rover

Onelife reflects the values and aspirations of Land Rover and its customers.”

Patrick Jubb,
Global Marketing Communications Director,
Land Rover

Developing brand stories that build customer relationships

The brief

To inspire loyalty and repeat purchase from Land Rover’s growing global customer base – connecting with them through a content programme that amplifies Land Rover’s premium brand values.
Land Rover Magazine
Land Rover Magazine

We started with an important insight – buying a Land Rover could either be a single purchase, or the beginning of a relationship between a customer and the brand. We create the content that builds that emotional bond.In Onelife, we have created a premium magazine that not only represents the Land Rover ideals of design leadership, outstanding engineering and modern world capability, but brings them to life for customers. Now printed in 14 languages and distributed in 40 countries, each issue of Onelife reminds nearly 500,000 owners why they chose Land Rover and how much they value the brand and its unerring commitment to excellence.We do this by totally immersing ourselves in the brand and its values, using them as a starting point for engaging, relevant and emotive Onelife content – including a magazine, tablet app and films. Whether it’s interviewing designer Marc Newson as he glides around London in a new Range Rover at night or creating a cover from sound files of a V8 engine; tackling the challenging deserts of Oman in a Range Rover Evoque or examining the essence of partnership; the content provides a direct conduit into the world of the Land Rover brand. This has held true through the changing nature of both the brand and the global marketplace.Epic photography and film, global expert writers, clean, modern design and a forensic focus on tone and detail all create exclusive content that amplifies Land Rover’s values, inspires loyalty in customers and compels them to act.
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Below: Examples of our work for Land Rover

Proof that it works

Instigated action

Almost 90% customers took action after reading Onelife

Increased brand advocacy

say Onelife makes them more likely to consider Land Rover as their next vehicle purchase
of owners say their enjoyment of owning a Land Rover is enhanced by Onelife
say Onelife has a positive effect on their impressions of Land Rover as
a brand