Creating an always-on newsroom
for Barclays

The challenge

Barclays understood that customers today expect brands to communicate with them wherever, whenever and however they choose. With a complex internal structure and daunting compliance obligation, Barclays asked Redwood for help switching to an always-on solution for more agile and targeted communications
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We helped create the Barclays Editorial Board (BEB), an ideation, publishing and approval process that brought speed and efficiency to Barclays' content marketing. Before BEB, the time lapse between content brief and simple text article would be three weeks. Now BEB can navigate sign-off from up to ten stakeholders with such agility that within 24 hours of the 2016 UK Brexit vote, we were able to deliver separate videos for retail, Premier and small business customers.
This market-beating speed gives Barclays a significant brand advantage in an always-on content world. The switch to faster modular communications also fits neatly with Barclays' social-channel media strategy and its focus on tightly targeted audiences. Redwood works hand in hand with Barclays and its media agency Maxus to create the audience insights that govern every campaign.
The Editorial Board has been a huge source of pride and transformation for us here at Barclays UK. It has evolved quickly and grown in both influence and impact. The work to date has been shape-changing… and has transformed us into a more innovative brand that publishes bespoke content across all our daily touchpoints.”Mark Brayton, Head of Content Marketing, Barclays

Proof that it works

BEB delivers speed – ten levels of compliance and sign-off navigated to deliver Brexit videos to customers the day after the vote
BEB delivers engagement – 48% of customers opened the Barclays Brexit email vs an industry average of 16.5%. Average of CTR and video view rates is 1.69% vs 1% industry benchmark
BEB delivers advocacy – Barclays proprietary metrics indicate a 144% increase in brand advocacy scores attributed to BEB content from Q1 to Q2 2016
BEB delivers awards – Best Finance Content Programme, CMA 2015