Defining a new content purpose and TOV for AkzoNobel corporate

The challenge

Akzo Nobel logo
AkzoNobel is a massive multi-national with leading brands in sectors including paints, performance coatings and chemicals – yet awareness of the 'holding brand' was relatively low. Keen to improve its corporate reputation by embracing more purpose-driven marketing, AkzoNobel asked us to help
AkzoNobel had a clear ambition for its corporate content – to improve the awareness and reputation of the company among key stakeholders. Our rigorous audit of all its channels revealed that AkzoNobel had inspiring stories about innovation and sustainability to tell. But the customer benefits were too often buried in technical detail. Our comprehensive plan to tackle the ten key issues we uncovered included:
  • A defining purpose for AkzoNobel’s content
  • New tone of voice guidelines
  • A set of content pillars to organise and repurpose the content
  • Clearly defined roles for each channel, including recommendations for new channels
  • A strategy to use the content to target key stakeholder groups
  • A set of KPIs and defined methodology